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Our Core Services

Personal Computer

We Sell Both New & Used, Laptops, Desktops, All in One’s, 2 in 1 We also Buy The above,

Printing & Stationary

We offer a standard based Printing Services,
A3 & A4, A5, A6 Black & Color
Print, Scan, Copy, Fax, Laminating, Binding,

Technical Support

In House, Out Calls,

What ever suits you.
You come to us or we come to you.

Technical College

Accredited Courses, We offer training, Skill Development, Leanership Programmes and Job Placement.


We Sell , Install, Support & Maintain.

PTZ, Speed Dome, Bullet, Dome, Fish Eye,

4K, 1080P, 720P

VariFocal, Motion Detection, Dark Finder, 100x Zoom ETC

Internet cafe

Fast internet, Safe and protected(No Virus, Trojan, Malware etc Guarantee, Secure, Reliable, Priavte, exclusive

Internet with no limits.


X Box One S Gaming with Lates Games

X Box 360 S/E, One & X – Varies Games

tcc IT – Xclusive VIP Gaming Lounge

Loyaty Tickets, Tournaments & Challenges.

Multimedia Rental Servives

LED TV, Projectors & Projector Screes, Canon Digital Camera’s 750D & 1100D, Sound Rentals,

Events, Functions, Birthdays, Weddings, Funerals, What ever the occation.

Device Software Update

We will update your windows updates, large files, Xbox Updates and Games, Printer Drivers, All Drivers, Let us worry ubout data.


Bios Password, Forgtten User Account Passwords, System locked out, Boot Failures, Blue screen of death, etc.

Water Damaged

StepsTurn off the laptop and disconnect it from its power source immediately. ..Remove the laptop from any residual liquid. ..Turn the laptop upside-down and remove the battery if possible. …Unplug all external hardware. Bring it to us we will do the rest.


Years Of Exp.





 over 5000

Laptops Repaired

Our Pricing Plans Ranging from as little as…


Desktop & Laptop Repairs

Best Choice


Windows Instalation

Software Update

Programmes & Softwares

Internet/Antivirus Solutions

Driver Instalations

Parts Replacement

Best Choice


Body Cover/Hinges

Battery  Replacement

Keyboard Replacemnt

Hardware Replacement

Screen Replacement

What our trusted clients saying

Hardware Damage Repair
I was having a problem with my laptop performing very slow, I was then advised to upgrade, refresh the system and also get my DVD Ram replaced as well as dust removal.

Apostle Mbangiseni Nemagovhani

Laptop Screen Repair

Our laptop screen was shattered, Brocken. In less than 10 minutes the screen was replaced and our problem was solved and the laptop was as if nothing happed. Proffesional.

Muvhango Khuliso Excellent

Custimized PC

I looked everywhere for the special service and need that i wanted and i was not breaking through until i found tcc IT.
The rest is history, It is my new tech home.

Nkhangweni Mulelu

My Custimized PC

My PC has 4 years n nvr given me any problem It was built there n every1 lyks it alot soo I gve u guys 5 star to ur work

Stephan Mphotwana

Notebook Repair

Confirmed I once send my Laptop here and assisted well

Pastor Takalani

Pawn IT

I love the way you treat your customers…. will tell when i have time to show up

Âtshy Fhédzy