Network Support Services

 come in all shape’s, sizes and complexity. From simple Local Networks in the home or home office (known as LAN’s – Local Area Networks), to medium sized networks in a typical business situation to large scale networks covering multiple offices, buildings, cities and even countries (known as WAN’s – Wide Area Networks)

No matter how large or small your business or home network setup is, we can assist you in any way you wish, to make sure you get the connectivity you require within your budget and in a timely manner.

The IT Guys can assist in Network Design, Network Construction and Network Maintenance and Network Support of LAN’s and WAN’s plus advise and setup of Cloud Network storage and solutions.


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(Wired Networks, Wireless Networks, Ethernet over Power Networks, Smart Wiring, Cloud and Virtual Networks)

Network Feasibility

Network Design

Network and Construction Pricing

Network Construction Project Management,

Network Roll out and Commissioning


Network Maintenance

Testing, Upgrading and Replacement of Network Equipment including Routers, Switches,  Hubs, Modems, Wireless Access Points, Wi-fi Boosters, Wi-fi Repeaters


Network Systems Audit Check


Need more help?

IT Support Customized to Meet Your Needs

IT and Network Support


Automation Creations, Inc. provides IT consulting, network solutions, and computer repair and maintenance. In addition to custom website and software development, we can bring additional value to your organization by being a complete technology solution partner.


Remote and onsite support for desktops, laptops, and networks can be provided for large or small businesses on an as needed basis or as a long term IT partnership. From doctor or real estate offices to large manufacturing plants, ACI can help with:

Consultation, strategy, and infrastructure design.

Desktop, laptop, and mobile setup and software installation.

Firewalls, routers, and virus and malware protection.

Networking for everything from printers to servers.

Server installation, integration, consolidation, monitoring, virtualization, and hosting.

IT continuity planning, data backup, and disaster recovery.

Ongoing hardware support and troubleshooting.

Our qualified computer and network technicians will work with you to analyze your IT needs, develop solutions, and implement a strategy based on your requirements and budget.

Our goal is to be your trusted technology partner. We strive to do this by committing to superior service, leveraging new technologies, and developing strong relationships with our clients.