tcc IT – Xclusive Gaming & Internet Cafe,

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The internet stations offer customers a virtual office.
With high speed internet connection, High specked machines, you able to do much more and also print all your work, Do your emails, Updates, Back up on your clouds, What ever the case, we are here for you and we are unique
Customers have the ability to run their business, book airplane tickets, call over Skype, check email, do research,  simply shop online and do anything that they wish todo without limit, obvioucly without obstructing other users or clients with unapropriate contant

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Gaming, With over 250 game titles to choose from, We have all games of your interst, with FIFA 19 back to 13, WWE, GTAA 5, MK XL, Street Fighter, Recent & Classics. What a good way for you to de stress, Refresh, Unwide, Relax and have a good time.

Hey people are always around for a challege, If that is not your thing, You can game online . Dont worry, We have plenty of Stations, Over 14 just for you. Come see for your self, nothing ordinary when it comes to cattering for your services.